Welcome to Stella's Snacks, where we whip up tail-wagging treats for your doggos! From pumpkin donuts to apple sauce peanut butter treats and pork training tidbits, we've got the goodies that'll have your pups begging for more. And guess what? Our treats are all homemade and officially registered with the Washington Department of Agriculture, so you know they're legit!

Now, here's the scoop: our treats are so fresh that they're not suited for long-haul shipping adventures. But fear not! You can snag 'em at our local pop-up events or slide into our DMs on Instagram or Facebook to chat about pick-up options. Oh, and don't forget about our website's contact form—it's like a secret treat-fetching hotline!

Keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram page for up-coming events so you know where to find us next. We're hyped to hook your fur babies up with the best treats ever!